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The process to submit your film/television scripts/screenplays

NOTE:  Do NOT send/forward/submit your scripts/screenplays/body-of-work to us UNTIL we request your submission.  Scripts/screenplays/body-of-work submitted without being requested will be DELETED IMMEDIATELY upon arrival and NOT considered a valid submission.   

SNFilms is currently accepting solicited and unsolicited scripts.  All solicited scripts will be reviewed and considered first priority.  Have your legal team/pitcher email us at place in the Subject "VerNita Reynolds".  VerNita will contact within 8 to 12 business hours.  Unsolicited scripts submission please email us at place in the Subject "Unsolicited Script" and Gail Jenkins or Robert Pate will contact you within 24 business hours. 

NOTE:  ONLY send/forward/submit your scripts/screenplays/body-of-work to us UNTIL we request for it/them in writing.  All scripts/screenplays/body-of-work must be submitted in ".pdf" form ONLY.     

SNFilms is seeking all types of scripts/screenplays/body-of-work, from drama, comedy, science fiction, action, horror, etc.  Synopsis and treatments are acceptable for submission.  

About SNFilms

At SENWOT NETWORK FILMS our goal is to continue to penetrate the motion picture industry just as Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, George Lucas and Spike Lee did -- by creating motion pictures and television shows that focus on ordinary people being drawn into an extraordinary and unique chain of events -- enabling, you the audience to reap the benefits of being uniquely entertained.

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