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"It's very sad some men, especially men of color, feel they need to live a hidden secret live and deceive women...one would think with marriage equality this down low behavior would stop, but it's still going on" ----Director Maurice    


Genre: Docu Series
Directed By: Maurice Townes
Created By: Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen & Ronda Noel
Developed By: Maurice Townes
Release Date: 

Does your husband, boyfriend or fiancé have a hidden sexual life?  Finally, the “white elephant” is being revealed about this phenomenon of men who have hidden sexual lives with other men.  Many women have known about this for years but it’s not until recently, with the heighten exposure of information from all forms of media (i.e. images, books and horror stories) that it has now become difficult for many women to know if they’re sleeping with men who sleep with men.  Host, Kevin F. Allen will take you on a journey where access is rarely granted to women.  View this documentary, Signs Of Deceptions: Exploring The Hidden Sexual Lives Of Men as your dating guide, assisting you in getting the answers to all of your burning down low questions. 

With AIDS and HIV running rampant among women and teens, especially within the African American Community, it is imperative individuals are educated regarding the spread of this deadly disease as quickly as the disease itself is spreading. A fraction of this disease is accelerating because there are men who have unprotected sex with men while continuing to have unprotected sex with women, but do not consider themselves “bi”, “gay” or even “homosexual”.

Signs Of Deception is a documentary, which explores the real-life stories of men who are “living a hidden sexual life” and men who have come clean from living that type of life, and how it effects all of the women around them.  Hosted by Executive Producer/Screenwriter, Kevin F. Allen, this documentary, from groundbreaking Director/Screenwriter Maurice Townes, takes you deep into the hidden world and exposes the hidden secrets, lies and denial, which continue to run rampant.  These intimate stories from men will intrigue you as they truthfully explain their manipulation and deception tactics towards their women/wives, their fears of exposure, and their struggle to stay hidden or come clean. 

Welcome Kevin into your home as he graphically uncovers the Hidden Sexual world by segmenting real-life interviews from two “un-identified” married men (i.e. a professional athlete and a physician) currently living hidden sexual lives and two men (i.e. Kevin and New York Times Best Selling Author, JL King) who have come clean from living this type of lifestyle.  The documentary encompasses a very candid women’s forum.  This intimate group of women expresses their diverse views openly and some share their real-life experiences of being mislead, feelings of frustration and violation, confronting perceptions, failed expectations, and finally accepting the fact that some men will continue to have a “Hidden Sexual” lifestyle.    

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