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"What kind of movies you like the most? Science fiction (i.e. space not fantasy), drama, comedy, horror, action, maybe western?  My favorite... definitely science fiction, the science fiction stories with occurs in space!"    

Maurice Townes is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and a graduate of Frostburg State College, where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science while giving the mid-day news daily on FM-WFWM.  Maurice moved to Atlanta in May of 1992.  In October 2001 with a business partner, he launched Senwot Nella Productions (SNP) an independent film production company.  In 2017 the company was restructured and Maurice single-handed launched Senwot Network Media (SNMedia).  Senwot Network Media is the parent company of Senwot Network Films fondly referred to as SNFilms and Senwot Network Sounds referred to as SNSounds.  Maurice Townes (Senwot), who’s last name spelled backwards give title to the company’s unique name.  Holding the positions of Chief Executive Officer of SNMedia and President Of Films with SNFilms, Maurice finds the challenges of directing and developing film projects to be quite similar to the development of software application projects.  Before leaping into the film industry Maurice held Executive Positions with Oglethorpe Power Corporation (Tucker, GA), Norrell Health Care (Buckhead, Atlanta), NASA (Greenbelt, MD), HCFA (Woodlawn, MD), IBM (Atlanta, GA), S1 Corporation (Buckhead, Atlanta), and DeKalb Community Service Board (Decatur, GA).   “Large scale software projects are very similar to film projects; organizational structure, details and scheduling is essential.  The key to 'organizational structure' is being determined to lead the team to completion and ultimately to success by launching the application- excuse me, by releasing the film.”   Having a strong passion for the film industry and a proven track record with the release of The CLOSET, an episodic drama series, which aired on Q Television Network reaching 3.5 million viewers, as well as, creating and releasing over twenty-three software application products, four being global, Maurice is determined to provide audiences with films that have thought provoking themes and volatile subject matters.  Maurice is very familiar with managing multiple tasks and enjoys it; while attending the Broadcasting School of Maryland he interned as a News Producer / Anchor with WMAR-TV in Baltimore, Maryland, and also maintained a successful management position with Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) in Woodlawn, Maryland.  Maurice uses his organizational and time management skills as the foundation to success within the fast pace of the media entertainment industry. 

Although, Maurice also holds the positions of Executive Producer, Creator, Screenwriter, Actor and Host, his passion is Directing.   With several motion picture projects in the works, Maurice is looking forward to entertaining audiences around the globe.

Maurice is single and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. 

A few Screen Credits

The CLOSET: Director, Creator, Executive Producer (alias Maxwel Calloway), Screenwriter, Actor, Editor (alias Maxwel Calloway)

Only You (Music Video, Talent: Bradford Brown alias Ty Villain ): Director, Creator, Producer, Editor

The TOP 10 Signs of Down Low Behavior and More….: Director, Co-Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor (alias Maxwel Calloway), Producer

Signs of Deception:  Director, Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, Producer, Editor (alias Maxwel Calloway)

Jumping The Broom: Camera Person, Producer

DeKalb Community Service Board Television (DCSB-TV): Host, Director, Creator, Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Editor 


Senwot Network Films, commonly referred to as simply SNFilms, is a subsidiary of Senwot Network Media (SNM) an American based Independent production company, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

SNFilms creates unique television shows and films which reflect an innovative, forward thinking independent film company, recognizing the need to evolve with an ever changing audience.  Establishing presence by launching television shows & documentaries such as, The CLOSET, a drama series, which airs weekly in over 30 million households and news series, such as, Counter Point, a news and political commentary series, which broadcast weekdays in over 74 million households.  Other projects include, The TOP10 Signs of Down Low Behavior and More…, a docu-drama with the collective talents of New York Times Best Selling Author, J.L. King, Deceptions, a documentary, addressing the impact of HIV/AIDS among heterosexual women.  SNF displays vast creativity by developing music videos, motion pictures, drama series, and documentaries to news and political commentary programs, to children’s programs.  The owners (Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen) of SNP gives back to the independent film community by providing independent film companies across the nation with the opportunity to film/shoot and/or create/develop spots/commericals for sponsors.  Senwot Network Films official website is www.snfilms.net. 


Senwot Network Media, commonly referred to as SNMedia, is an American based independent production company, located in Atlanta, Georgia.  SNP is the parent company of subsidiaries Senwot Network Films (SNFilms) www.snfilms.net and Senwot Network Sounds (SNSounds) www.snsounds.net.  Founded October 15, 2001 by Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen, who’s last names spelled backwards give title to the company’s unique name.  Maurice Townes (Senwot) holds the positions of Chief Executive Officer & Vice President of Film and Kevin F. Allen (Nella) holds the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and Shannon L. Crawford aka Hollywood Kid is the Vice President of Music.   Their corporate America background collectively includes Fortune 500 companies such as, IBM, Norrell, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, and The Home Depot.  This foundation prepared them for the large-scale motion picture and television projects they’re continuing to develop today. 

With over 10 years in the industry SNMedia’s film division, SNFilms, is a main-stay in the production industry, aggressively maintaining the integrity of developing unique films, documentaries, drama series, such as, The CLOSET, which broadcast weekly in over 30 million households and news series, such as, Counter Point, which broadcast weekdays in over 74 million households. 

SNMedia employing approximately seventy-six industry professionals, helps with their extensive work for the community that strengthens and builds continued alliances.   Since inception, SNMedia’s quest has been to assist with LOWERING the statistical rates among HIV and AIDS among women of color.  The rate has been increasing each year since 1998. 

In giving back to independent film makers, SNM employees dozens throughout the nation by providing them with the opportunity to film or create commercials. 

The mission of SENWOT NETWORK MEDIA’S film division, SENWOT NETWORK FILMS, is to produce motion pictures and television shows that provide viewers with current, candid and resourceful information on controversial topics and misinterpreted issues that affect the beliefs of society.


Senwot Network Films, commonly referred to as simply SNFilms, is a subsidiary of Senwot Network Media (SNMedia) an American based independent production company, located in Atlanta, Georgia.  SNFilms creates unique films projects which reflect an innovative, forward thinking independent film company, recognizing the need to evolve with an ever changing audience.

SNMedia was founded in 1998 and launched on October 15, 2001, as Senwot Nella Productions with business partner Kevin F. Allen.  After a company restructure in 2017 the owner, Maurice Townes (Senwot) emerged with Senwot Network Media (SNMedia). 


...is to produce quality media projects that provides viewers with current, candid and resourceful information on controversial topics and misinterpreted issues that affect the beliefs of society.

Message from OUR CEO


Staff members of SNFilms who assist in bringing projects to life.



Shannon L. Crawford




Maxwel Calloway


Other Team Member

Bing Cai - Production Crew Division
David D Chase - Story Development
Gail Jenkins - Procurement Division
Gevena Lee - Music Video Division
Pepsi McCally - Actor's Submission
Tal Mergenthaler - Make-Up Division
Robert Pate - Procurement Division
Vernita Reynolds - Procurement Division
Geoffrey Templeton - Electronic Press Kit Division



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Geir Ness - Products Geir & Laila

’’Geir and Laila is presently Product Placement within a SNFilms project. Based in Norway and distributed out of California this upscale eau de parfum for men and women respectively, was used as product placement advertising within 3 episodes of The CLOSET. Geir and Laila have been incorporated within two main storylines within the series. Geir and Laila sponsorship gives us strong exposure within their target audience ’’

Deborah Summerville - Wonderland Gardens Owner

’’ It was a pleasure working with the Senwot Films production team and crew.  Healthy eating is essential to all of us and the crew understood that immediately, which helped tremendously while working with the and creating and developing they type of advertising we wanted to create.  It was a smooth fun run.  Thank you SNFilms for of your help and for an excellent compensation package. ’’

Connie Spruill - Human Resources Director, DeKalb CSB

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Event Host - New York International Independent Film &N Video Festival

’’The pilot episode of The CLOSET drama series was featured during our 2005 festival year.  The screening was in such demand we had to add an additional screening to calm down fans.  We are still delighted to be the first film festival to have screened The CLOSET within the United States.’’

Sweet Blessings Cafe' - Sweet Blessings Bakery, Decatur, Georgia

’’Sweet Blessings Bakery is presently a Product Placement Sponsor for The CLOSET drama series. Located in Decatur, Georgia our desert café has been a Senwot Network Films sponsor since 2006. Sweet Blessings Bakery, deserts café has been used as the backdrop of several scenes in the series. By Product Placement Advertising, our Bakery has been introduced to customers on a global scale. ’’ ---Priscilla Armstrong, Sweet Blessings General Manager

Ijumo Hayward - Chief Executive Officer Digital Phoenix Media

’’ My time working with Maurice Townes & SNFilms over the past 20 years, has been an interesting experience to say the least.   I've learned a lot over the past 20 years, most of it can be attributed to my close relationship with Maurice.  His insight to film development and production has lead me on my own journey into a filmmaking career.  His creativity and insight, when producing a film project, has pushed me and my company to create amazing visuals, posters, and other graphics to compliment his extraordinary vision. ’’

About SNFilms

At SENWOT NETWORK FILMS our goal is to continue to penetrate the motion picture industry just as Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, George Lucas and Spike Lee did -- by creating motion pictures and television shows that focus on ordinary people being drawn into an extraordinary and unique chain of events -- enabling, you the audience to reap the benefits of being uniquely entertained.

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