Featured Project: Motion Picture, Sci-Fi, Drama, Suspense, Thriller


"The aliens are already here and humanity is sooooo caught up within themselves they are clueless about the alien threat." ----Director Maurice    


Genre: Docu Series
Directed By: Maurice Townes
Created By: Maurice Townes
Release Date: TBD

January 2025; the newly elected Woman Presidents has in been the White House for 1 year.  The United States still has a strong presence in Iraq, oil prices are over $6.00 a gallon and the new administration is cleaning up the mess left behind from the Trump Administration.   The human inhabitants of Planet Earth are in turmoil, heavy fighting continues in the Middle East and Africa, North Korean finally has a nuclear weapon, the Russians are plotting with China, Iran is at odds with Israel.  The New President is holding a press conference announcing the US exit strategy from Iraq, when he’s interrupted by a special report that a mentor the size of Maine is on a direct course towards Earth.  Mayhem begins as world leaders attempt to work together solving the planet’s problem.  The leaders do not reach a solution.  The United States, China and Russia launch teams and billions of dollars’ worth of technology into space to stop the meteor.  Russia is unsuccessful and uncooperative, the United States and China work together and neutralize the meteor threat, and all is saved.  Moments later, it’s discovered, a second meteor is on a direct course for Planet Earth and this one’s twice the size of Texas and is moving three times faster than the previous meteor.   It’s soon discovered the meteors are being launched from an approaching spacecraft.   The alien threat is imminent, but unbeknownst to humanity these Aliens have already penetrated our societies and culture a few months ago.  The attack has already begun.  The Aliens, confident they’ll conquer Planet Earth continues to perpetuate humanities silly petty differences and beliefs amongst their world leaders.

Roland Vaughn, a retired Astronaut, in Baltimore, is undergoing several types of high-level, new technology test in hopes to cure his brain tumor.  His on-line friend Rhonda Ross, a Space Engineer at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando enjoys chatting with Roland on-line several times a day.  Rhonda has been quite busy since the threat has arrived so they have not been communicating.  Roland has been trying to get in touch with Rhonda for several hours to inform her of his extraordinary events that will change all of their lives forever.  The last implant, which was inserted into his brain, is allowing him to really see things clearly, as in --- all of the Aliens that are around them, that are disguised as humans, their space crafts hovering in the skies, etc.   The aliens are already among us and we don’t know it.  As Planet Earth prepares for a futile battle, Roland and Rhonda finally met allowing Roland to inform Rhonda of his secret knowledge.  Only to find out she’s an Alien as well but her assistant, Alec is human.  Roland, Alec and Alec’s family are on a desperate struggle to reach the President with their GLOBAL WARNING and save humanity from a far greater force than the one that threatens to destroy them - humanities petty differences and beliefs.

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