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Satisfying your PRODUCTION needs.

Motion Pictures

Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production, we're ready to satisfy.

TV Series

Script development/writing, filming, editing, F/X, large or small scenes, etc.

Web Series

Youtube is the network of the indy filmmaker.  Take full advantage.

Doc Series

From one on one interviews to town hall meetings we capture the essence of Documentary story telling.

Reels & Trailers

Every Film project needs a trailer and every Actor needs a reel.


Consider us for all of your film production needs.  Our experience Production Teams are ready to bring your stories to life!

Since 2001 Senwot Network Films has been successfully moving film project across the finish line.  Lets turn your ideas into reality!  Our experience Directors enjoys working with clients while creating the most diverse dynamic Production Team for your unique film project(s) by providing clients with top quality work in film, television, narratives/voice-overs, commercials, documentaries, music videos, or corporate packages.   

We're cost-effective our rates and low production costs benefits you directly.   


Documentary Series (Docu-Series)

SNFilms has created documentary series, docu-series for short, and we understand the importance of telling a documentary type story.  We've teamed with New York Times Best Selling Author, JL King, to bring the documentary entitled, The Top 10 Signs of Down Low Behavior and More to the screen.  This documentary was based on King's best selling novel, On The Down Low and Senwot Network Films drama series, The CLOSET.  In the documentary King is joined by Kevin F. Allen, a former down low man and an unknown male as they discuss candidly the behavior, secrets and lies of down low men. 

The purpose of this documentary is to expose these men and inform women of this type of behavior.

The TOP 10 Signs Of Down Low Behavior and More trailer

In developing the above documentary we discovered women who are victims of this behavior needed to tell their stories.  The docu-series entitled, Signs Of Deceptions, was green lighted immediately to reflect the female's stories and to further education women.  This explosive docu-series project is a must see for ALL women.  Women are discovering just because they're married does not mean you're immune from this type of male behavior.  

Signs Of Deceptions

Reels & Promotional Trailers

We also enjoy assisting start-up businesses getting recognized.  Several entrepreneur business, such as, Expose' Live, My Girlfriendz Place, and Wonderland Gardens, to name a few we've partnered with to help their organizations make a larger splash as they open their doors of success.  

We understand as an Entrepreneur with a start-up your budget is not as large as needed and we're ready to accommodate your needs.  By listening to your ideas we'll work with you creating/developing ways to achieve what you're desiring and riding it across the your goals of success.  

Expose' Live Advertisement 

My Girl Friendz Place Advertisement

A commercial/spot for My Girl Friendz Place to lease their cooking location

A fun moment with a Travel Party invite.

Wonderland Garden Advertisement

Film Series

From the release of The CLOSET in 2003 then being screened to a packed audience at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2004 to Verdict being green lighted a few weeks ago, we have completed film series and we're ecstatic three more of our film series projects have been green lighted for production.  One of the project we're very fond of is the creation/development of DeKalb Community Service Board Television, fondly known as DCSB-TV.  From 2009 to 2014 DCSB-TV provided the over 500 employees of DeKalb CSB with essential company knowledge, such as, benefits updates, policy changes, employee spotlights, etc.  

Our Directors and Line Producers take pride in pulling together the best dynamic talented production team for your project(s).  We enjoy being apart of the grass roots of your project(s) by joining you in developing the concept of the story you want your project to tell.  We'll help you flush out your synopsis, treatment and script.  Our script writing team is ready to assist.  If you're ready to jump in and get your project started email us at contactus@snfilms.net in the subject place "Full Production" one of our Directors or Line Producers will contact you within 8 business hours. 

Several SNFilms projects:  Trailers, 1 Episode of The CLOSET, 1 Episode of DCSB-TV and 


The CLOSET dramatic web-series Episode 1 (EP01)

DeKalb Community Service Board Electronic Press Kit

DCSB-TV Episode

DCSB-TV Breaking News

A little humor a blooper from DCSB-TV


ALONE extended Trailer


SECRETS, the killer trailer

The Novel Nero's Fiddle's 1 of 3 Trailers

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At SENWOT NETWORK FILMS our goal is to continue to penetrate the motion picture industry just as Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, George Lucas and Spike Lee did -- by creating motion pictures and television shows that focus on ordinary people being drawn into an extraordinary and unique chain of events -- enabling, you the audience to reap the benefits of being uniquely entertained.

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