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Dancing is a must for most videos.

Wardrobe Hair & Makeup

Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup are key elements for all music videos.

Special Effects F/X

F/X is great for most music video projects.


A great Music Video can change an Artist status within the industry.  We take pride in creating/developing Music Videos which directly relates to the lyrics!

At 12:01am on August 1, 1981, history was made when MTV, the first 24-hour video music channel, launched onto our television sets and literally changed our lives with the birth of the music video. The first video ever played on the network was quite ironic — “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles.

Artists have control over the video and they can – if they want to – star in it. The video also shows off the theme of the song and gives fans a meaning to the song. Not only does it give the viewer a better experience of the song, it gets the artist more popularity and money.  Music videos are still an important jumping off point for directors to hone and explore their creativity. They give young talent an opportunity to break into different areas of the film industry — they are still very much a way in.  

A music video is a message to the audience, entertain and the main purpose of music videos is to promote artists and promote brands. But it's mainly to promote the track.  Music videos allow for individuals to see what the artist feels, creating a deeper connection between the artist and the consumers. It has been proven time and time again music is very important in the lives of children and adolescences as they mature.  

We develop/create/produce all 3 different forms of musical videos:
-Performance Videos.
-Narrative Videos.
-Concept Videos.

Lets bring your lyrics to LIFE!  SNFilms is always honored to work with Musical Artist of all levels to assist in bringing their song lyrics to life via musical videos.  Consider SNFilms when creating your next musical video.  You will be assigned to one of our musical director specialist and together you will develop/create the perfect music video to express, promote and showcase you-the Artist, your brand, your label.  We have a complete musical video production team (i.e. location specialist, car/home producers, wardrobe, hair/make-up, etc.) or you may provide your own. 

Our standard is, we film musical videos with a 4 camera shoot (1 being a drone).  Multiple wardrobe/hair/make-up changes and we like to work with the Artist during editing to ensure we're creating what the Artist wants. 

NOTE:  Please keep in mind SNFilms mainly create/develop/produce musical videos which correspond to the lyrics of the Artist's song.  In addition, we are fully aware several production houses allow drugs, alcohol and sex to freely roam their music video production sets, we do NOT allow that.  If that's what you're accustomed to SNFilms is not a good fit to create/develop/produce your musical videos.

If interested in working with us to bring your lyrics to life please email us at contactus@snmedia.net place in the Subject "Music Video".  Geneve Lee will get back in contact with you within 16 business hours to schedule the initial meeting.  We have a cafeteria style pricing structure, meaning, what you select to be within your video, cinematography, roof-top, car chases, dancing, stunts, etc. that will dictate pricing. 

If you're a beginning Artist and this is your FIRST music video ask Geneve about our package deals entitled "FIRST VIDEO" specials.  I'm sure we have a package which fits your beginning Artist budget.  We look forward to working with you!  

Music Videos which make sense!

I'm sure you've seen Beyonce's music video entitled, "Dejavu".  The video was directed by Sophie Muller and the B-Hive fan based hated the video, mainly because the video did not correspond with the lyrics of the song.  We develop music video by taking the lyrics of the song and making that the script for the video.

We enjoying working with the Artist creativity by bringing the lyrics to life! 

Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup

Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup are three elements which are essentials in creating/developing a Music Video.  We provide Artist with a variety of specialist to bring these elements to life. 


What we recommend be included in a Music Video:

-Lyrics are the script 
-Wardrobe must fit within the lyrics
-Multiple wardrobe, hair & makeup changes (i.e. more than 5)
-If an upbeat tune...Dancing of some type is a must
-Background dancing
-Actors to assist with bringing your Music Video story to life.

SNFilms first music video

Only You is the title of the first music video developed/created by SNFilms' director Maurice Townes.  Only You is one of the soundtrack songs from Director Maurice's first drama series, The CLOSET.  Ty Villain is the Writer of the song.  View the video below.

A different type of Music Video

Some music video, especially music videos from films may not include the Artist at all, but characters from the film itself to express the music video.  Such was the case with one of the song from The CLOSET soundtrack entitled "Talk To Me" by Elliott of P-Force.  

"I was honored and thrilled when Elliott of P-Force granted us access to use two of his songs for The CLOSET drama series.  She Knows and Talk To Me both are perfect fits for the series.   In wanting to get a video filmed we ran into scheduling issues, owing to the fact, Elliott was not in the states at the time.  So I was allowed to create the music video with characters from the series, as opposed to, having the Artist Elliott in the music video.  In the end it worked out quite well," states Director Maurice.  View the video below.


The signature song for The CLOSET is entitled, "I AM" Produced by Ty Villain.  The Video is being remastered and will be re-released Thanksgiving 2020. 

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