It's taking Director Maurice a moment to get comfortable with the changes he's made and is stilling making to his space sci-fi project.
I love SPACE science fiction - Director Maurice.

"I'm completely thrilled to have begun writing this film, opps it's an episodic now, I have to keep reminding myself of that, states Director Maurice, as he chuckles to himself.  "September 2019, I finally pulled all my notes together and entered the journey to bring this story to life.  The following month I began writing and bringing life to Captain Jefferson Calloway--which was another change because his name was Captain Jefferson Briggs, but 'Briggs to the Bridge' would have sound a little awkward.  Anyway, once I stated breathing life into the characters the story itself begin to take on it's own life and I was loving the direction it was leading me to write/develop.  From the beginning the name of this project has been 'The Dark Worm Hole' and it's slated to be a motion picture.  However, after being lead in a different direction the title has been changed to 'The Anomaly' and it's currently slated as an television episodic.  If you love science fiction, SPACE science fiction, the way that I do you'll love the series." ---Director Maurice

It’s 2587 the Universal Counsel and their division of Senwo Esahc, a space station development corporation is celebrating the development of their 1000th space station.  Captain Jefferson Calloway of the space station development vessel CALLYSTO is responsible for achieving this major milestone for Senwo Esahc.  During the festivities Jefferson is forced to share his newly designed space vessel with the persons he admires the least, Admiral Hayes Corbis and her Chief of Security, Madison. Admiral Hayes’ military space vessel is being upgraded with the latest in weaponry.   While docked at the fifth planet of the Ghaldurion (Gal-door-rhee-on) Cluster a civil war erupts and The CALLYSTO is thrust into an anomaly and emerges upon a section of the universe never seen by humanoid eyes and must face/fight a creature that’s unimaginable.

This project is targeted directly towards fans of Firefly, Andromeda, Star Trek, Star Wars, as well as, Netflix's Lost In Space and Another Life.

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