Author Pen's novel entitled, "Nero Fiddle" is an epic post-apocalyptic thriller.  
Nero's Fiddle and SNFilms

Pen selected SNFilms to created a funding campaign for her novel project and to film a trailer to assist with creating a buzz/swell for her novel.  SNFilms was recommended to Pen from Human Resources Director, Constance Spruill of DeKalb Community Service Board where SNFilms created a series entitled DeKalb Community Service Board Television (DCSB-TV) for their company.  "When Director Maurice walked into the room and immediately started barking orders, I knew he was the right person for this," states Pen.  "For me it was a fun ride.  Pen being an Author already had her trailer's script developed/written, the location and cast--the only missing element was a Director.  So when I arrived I fell into place really fast and we got down to work immediately after short introductions.  It was a BLAST and so much fun.  I've always enjoyed working with novice talent and it was a delight," stated Director Maurice. 

To peek the interest of her readers Author Pen developed 3 sequential trailers focusing on varies time frames of the novel and presented them to Director Maurice.  "When this project landed on my lap ninety percent of the work was already completed.  Pen created everything except blocking," stated Director Maurice as he laughs and continues, "It was all done in a day and actually I wanted more to do." The 3 sequential trailers are on the left along with a funding campaign/

Atlanta author, Pen, has published a thriller you'll want to read and be a part of. When the U.S. is crippled by an Electromagnetic Pulse attack, it is up to Captain Beverly Mossberg to get to Washington, DC to assassinate the terrorist before he strikes again.

Nero's Fiddle brings to the forefront a threat the government doesn't want to talk about. The danger of an Electromagnetic Pulse is very real and possible. Not only a manmade attack, but a nature-made attack via solar flares from the sun. The book also puts women heroes in the limelight. Captain Beverly Mossberg and Sedona Armstrong are two capable women, despite their human vulnerabilities. Their journey to reach Washington, DC to assassinate the terrorist before he launches an EMP attack on another country is fraught with danger, action and drama. But the journey makes both women stronger and more determined to save the world from utter and complete darkness.

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