The CLOSET Drama Web Series is BACK, FINALLY!

"When my mom transitioned I dropped everything. It's taken some time to get back on track, but we're back and things are moving forward quite excellent for the web series. The fans are finally getting to see the continuation of the stories. New stories will be developed and..." states Director Maurice who's clearly struggles where to continue with his thought, "I don't want to get ahead of myself, but, fan of the series need to know we shopping the series so in the near future when the series is pulled from the internet... well, now you'll know the reason."  When asked would the series on a paid streaming service be a continuation here's what Director Maurice stated, "it would probably be an entirely new reboot of the series with a completely new cast.  Most of the actors of the series have long moved on, we filmed this in 2001 2002 timeframes.  hehehe".  

The long awaited episode 11 was released October 2020.  A huge change this time around are the release dates of the episodes.  

The Donnell (Le'Son Ivory) & Malcolm (Sion Marshall) characters (drawing on left) were introduced in EP10, their story continues as Clara's son Sheldon Winner (Denerick L. Lindsey) and Nicholas' brother Ricardo Iglesias (Isaias Castañeda) are introduced, as well as, the series lesbian couple, Shawn (A.J. Royalle) & Candice (Thyjuan Royalle). 

"After those initial conversation with Isaias, I knew he was the correct actor to portray Ricardo.  He understood the character immediately and I didn't think he would being a straight guy.  He completely understood his character of friends were not on the down low but in the closet," states Director Maurice. 

Isaias Castañeda (image on left) join the cast and immediately felt welcomed by the other leading men of the series (image on left).  Castañeda, portrays the character Ricardo Iglesais, who's an Artist and he has an interest in Clara's son Sheldon and keeps missing him, but always runs into Sheldon's best friend Byron Pratt (Boris L. Hunter).   Will Jeffery Freeman really marry Harriett Lexx?  What happen to Zachary after Quincy kicks him out?  Does Ramona get Kathy to assist her?  Who is Sheldon Winners?  All of these questions and more are answered as The CLOSET Drama web series continues.  All episodes of The CLOSET Drama web series can be found on Senwot Network Media youtube page 

Here is The CLOSET Drama web series EP01

Here is The CLOSET Drama web series EP10

Drawing By: Ijumo Hayward of Ijumo Hayward Photography

Shawn (top) & Candice (image directly above) portrayed by off-screen couple A.J. & Thyjuan Royalle.  Images from EP12 of The CLOSET Drama web-series.

Photographed By: Ijumo Hayward of Ijumo Hayward Photography

Photographed By: Ijumo Hayward of Ijumo Hayward Photography

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