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"I completely love this production short.  Most of the Actors are from SNFilms Acting School.  When developing this series, I let Jesus the Christ select which actress was going to portray which role.  I'm extremely proud of this short film." ----Creator Maurice Townes    


Genre: Drama Short, Unpredictable Thriller, Suspenseful
Created By: Maurice Townes
Directed By:  Maurice Townes & Ijumo Hayward
Status:  Editing
Release Date: Winter 2024

What family doesn't have secrets? The Stonepeace family has more than its share. Join sisters January, June, and October along with their mother, Virginia and her best friend Nadine, as all of their family secrets are exposed. June, Virginia's youngest daughter meets with her mother and her older sisters and reveals that she is pregnant with her sixth child at age 51 while still unmarried. The chaos that ensues, is enough to disrupt this family meeting to prepare for their upcoming annual Thanksgiving gathering. This suspenseful short drama explodes with twists and turns as the biggest family secret is uncovered.

Cast: Constance Nicole, DeAndra Virgil Scott, Leslee Christopher, Sylvia Hayward, Sharesma Stocks, and Azalea.
Special Guest Star: Chastity Black Williams
Musical Score by: Travis L. Aniton
Estate footage from Connecticut Luxury Real Estate: 555 Lake Avenue, Greenwick CT

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