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"The CLOSET has drama on top of drama with drama on top of that and then more drama on top of that.  HAHAHA This series was created in 1998 and is still a fan favorite.  This series will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first project." ----Director Maurice    


Atlanta based, SENWOT NETWORK FILMS, The CLOSET, is an informative, hypnotic and compelling dramatic series which grows on a viewer in the most important way a good television drama series should: by encouraging curiosity about the growth and fate of key characters. 

Created by Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen, The CLOSET, offers informative, yet entertaining topics for its mature audience. It takes an in depth look at the lives of a multicultural array of men -- Emory Lawson, Zachary Sledge, Isaiah Edwards, Nathaniel C. Bullock, Brice Hennedy and Ricardo Iglesias.

Serving a bold dose of human life which reflect real stories, important topics such as, STD awareness, is homosexuality a learned behavior, are you born heterosexuality / homosexuality, how homosexuality relates to religion in households, AIDS and drug use, all instill thought provoking insight for viewers. Such questions cleverly create a strong bed of logic, woven into provocative story-lines destined to interest adults within all demographics. The educational content of the series leaves audiences with a strong taste for more. The CLOSET lifts the veil of controversy with its willingness to openly discuss the intimate and spiritual beliefs surrounding all lifestyles. Going where no series has gone before, The CLOSET, is providing stimulating water cooler conversations. The intrinsic web of love, mystery, lies, manipulation and deceit become quickly apparent, when viewers open the door to the first episode of The CLOSET.

Director By: Maurice Townes
Starring: Shannon L. Crawford and Kevin F. Allen
Release date as a web-series March 21, 2017
Running time 20 - 30 mins
View the series:  The CLOSET web-series streams on youtube.com new episodes every Thursday.  Season 2 begins November 2020

Emory Lawsen: Shannon L. Crawford 
Zachary Sledge: Kevin F. Allen 
Isaiah Edwards: Preston J. Horne 
Nathaniel C. Bullock: Raphael Joseph 
Brice Hennedy: Evan Allison 
Ricardo Iglesias: Isaias Castañeda 
Sharon Bullock: Rachel 
Nicholas Coleman: T. Bernard Issac 
Kathy Sledge Vanlandingham: DeMyia King-Gordon 
Eric Sutton: Robert Smith 
Gail Cross: Deirdre Kristen Williams 
Clara Winners: Ruby J. Montgomery 
Sheldon Winners: Derrick L Lindsey 
Walter Winners: Eric L. Montgomery 
Carol Henderson: Valerie L. Banister 
Eugene Henderson: Patrick Labat 
Larry Vanlandingham: Kenneth Diggs 
Byron Pratt: Boris L. Hunter 
Big D: William Donald Cauthen 
Jeanette Wellington: Deborah Michelle Emeran 
Jeffery Freeman: Dheeaba Donghrer 
Harriett Lexx: Sylvia Hudson 
Arcellious Lexx: Maurice Townes 
Ramona Lexx: Paris 
Samuel Fellman: Kent Igleheart 
Brandon Pullman: Willie J. Melton 
Tyler Pullman-Lawsen: Christopher Tavarez 
Shana Caulfman: Lacy Grant 
Rhonda: Spirit 
Donnell Cross: Le'Son Ivory 
Malcolm Cross: Sion Marshall 
Russell Cross: Daniel Vincent 
Dr. Willis: John Ogundipe 
Special Guest Star: Deborah Calloway Duke as Stephanie Billings 

Production Team 
Director: Maurice Townes 
Assistant Director: Ijumo Hayward 
2nd Assistant Director: Charlene Burk 
2nd Assistant Director: Keith George 
Post Production Sound: Eric L. Montgomery of Studio Solid Rock 
Music Score Composer: Travis L. Aniton 
Theme Created By: Travis L. Aniton 
Music: Elliott of P-Force and Jawz of Life 
Lighting: Maurice Townes 
Hair Make-up: Paris & Company 
2nd Hair Make-up: Maurice Townes aka (Tal Mergenthaler) 
Chief Editor: Joel Reeves 
Supervising Editor: Maurice Townes 
Developed By: Maurice Townes 
Created By: Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen 
Casting By: Allen Townes Casting 
Art Director: Ijumo Hayward 
Talent Director: S. L. Shaw 
Artwork By: Omuji 
Narrator: Joel Reeves 
Wardrobe: Maurice Townes 
Supervising Producer: Maurice Townes 
Producers: Myi Marshall, Kevin F. Allen, Pete Stanley, Myron Phillips, John Ogundipe, Sax Sable, Rodney Dozier, Anthony Brown, Michael Slaughter, S. L. Shaw, Joe Seymore, Cheryl Hubbard, CiCi Morgan, and Ijumo Hayward 
Executive Producers: Katie Gallivan, Maxwell Calloway aka Maurice Townes, Fitzgeral Vaugh aka Kevin F. Allen, Victor Bailey, Adrienne L. Harrison, and David D. Chase 
Written By: Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen 


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