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Entering the dark mind of a serial killer...

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Writing has begun for the psychological episodic thriller, SERIAL.  The creators of the series are eager to begin scheduling interviews with "real" serial killers.

This taut, suspenseful, psychological episodic thriller centers on the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crimes (NCAVC) / FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, which deals with serial killers.  This superbly crafted, harrowing series is dark, moody, somber, and truly frightening, yet exhilarating.  "How do you feeling about living in the dark world of serial killers?", that's Director Maurice's, who the creator of the series, first question to potential Directors.  "The nature of a serial killer is notoriously heinous--this series is not Dexter--it's very dark, haunting, horrific and most of all scary.  Mainly because these are humans who’s doing this to other humans; there are no laughable moments.  One of the main characters, ‘Jester’, is completely beyond evil.   He a serial killer with no type of remorse, empathy, compassion, etc.  He’s 63 years old and he’s been killing for decades.  His evilness gives him the capability to get inside of a person’s mind, mainly the detectives to help them solve other serial killer cases by showing them facts and clues of their cases, but that comes with a price.  Once in your head Jester can read your inner most thoughts and terribly manipulate you.  Jester, is the driving of this dark series, the FBI detectives are his puppets for pleasure as killing is occurring all around them from multiple serial killers.  Kale Ramsey and Patrice Lincoln the lead FBI agents, sometimes believes they’ll ahead of the game with Jester only to learn in the end, in each case, Jester helps solve the case but get what he wants as well.  Most of the time what Jester wants is extraordinarily creepy.   After viewers see the dark sides “Jester”, they’ll think of Dr. Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs as a cuddly teddy bear,” states Maurice Townes as he laughs.  

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